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How to steam clean mattress

To steam clean mattress is an excellent way to thoroughly clean your mattress. However, before you steam clean your mattress, there's something you need to be aware of. Steam cleaning your mattress will inevitably wet and dampen your mattress and wet mattress is a bad news. Mattress saturated with moisture is a breeding haven for mold and bacteria and it won't take long till your mattress is completely ruined.

Before you decide to steam clean mattress, you should know that steam cleaning tends to remove the colors from the mattress. Something you should keep in mind.

Unless you own a steam cleaner, you are going to need to hire professional upholstery cleaner or rent a machine yourself. When you steam clean mattress, you should perform it in the morning on a warm, sunny day so you can take your mattress out on the sun to dry it completely after you've steam cleaned mattress. It's important to minimize wetting the mattress when you steam clean mattress. Key here is less water and more vacuum strength.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of steam cleaning your mattress, you can perform a safer and more organic cleaning method and still enjoy a similar method. Make a cleaning solution by diluting a mild dish soap and warm water. Remember not to use too much water. Usually a couple of squeezes of dish soap for a cup of water work fine.

You will want to use a spray bottle to apply your solution to minimize the water from penetrating into the mattress. Make sure you spray a thin coat of the solution. Gently scrub the mattress using a sponge and blot dry the mattress using clean dry towels. Next vacuum your mattress thoroughly. After you've finished cleaning the mattress, use a blow drier to completely dry off your mattress or take it out on the sun.

I cannot stress how important it is to prevent your mattress from being damp to prevent mold and bacteria forming on your mattress. You should take every measures you can take to minimize wetting the bed and dry the mattress completely afterwards.

How to Clean a Mattress Tip #1

Prevention is easier than cure. Using mattress protectors simple as vinyl zip covers can drastically increase the lifespan of your mattress and protect it from unwanted bugs, mold and inadvertent spills. This small investment you make for protecting your mattress will save you a lot of headache and hassle in the future.
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How to Clean a Mattress Tip #2

Sprinkle some baking soda on your mattress and watch the odor and moisture disappear! Just let it sit for a few minutes then vacuum your mattress.
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How to Clean a Mattress Tip #3

Every month or two, make a habit of taking your mattress outside when it is warm and sunny. The sunlight will vaporize all the moistures trapped in the mattress and kill the mold that might've built up over time.